By | September 27, 2023

If you’ve heard of “God Tongue,” you might think of a Japanese TV show. However, there are also many fans of “God Tongue” in China, and the show has gained popularity on the Chinese video sharing site, Bilibili.

What is God Tongue Bilibili?

While “God Tongue Bilibili” may share the name with the Japanese version, it offers unique content catered specifically to Chinese audiences. It has become one of the popular shows on Bilibili, which is a site that targets Chinese youth.

How to Watch God Tongue Bilibili?

One of the attractions of “God Tongue Bilibili” is that even people in China can watch Japanese TV shows. However, since it is a Chinese site, you will need a VPN to watch it.

By using a VPN, you can watch Japanese programs even within China. However, be cautious as some VPNs may slow down your internet speed.

You can access the Bilibili website and watch “God Tongue Bilibili” from there. Bilibili is popular among Chinese youth and also streams Japanese anime and dramas, contributing to cultural exchange between Japan and China.

What are the Key Features of God Tongue Bilibili?

“God Tongue Bilibili” offers unique and original content that differs from the Japanese version of the show. One notable feature is the “God Tongue Academy” segment.

The “God Tongue Academy” is an original content not found in the Japanese version. It has gained popularity as young comedians take on various challenges inspired by school life. For example, they participate in class sports events and Valentine’s Day-themed activities.

Additionally, “God Tongue Bilibili” features the “God Tongue Corps,” where celebrities form teams and take on various challenges. This segment has gained attention due to its unique content, different from the Japanese version.

Popular Episodes of God Tongue Bilibili

“God Tongue Bilibili” has many popular episodes. Among them, the “God Tongue Academy” and “God Tongue Corps” series are particularly loved by fans.

The “God Tongue Academy” series features the cast of God Tongue playing students in a school drama-like setting. On the other hand, the “God Tongue Corps” series showcases the cast divided into different teams competing against each other. Both series highlight the individuality of the cast and have gained widespread popularity.

Additionally, “God Tongue Bilibili” offers many unique episodes that differ from the Japanese version, drawing in a large fan base.

God Tongue Bilibili Fan Community

There are numerous fan communities dedicated to “God Tongue Bilibili.” Chinese youth utilize social media platforms such as Weibo and QQ groups to exchange information and opinions about the show.

These fan communities on Chinese social media platforms are where fans gather to discuss the program. Furthermore, many fans also follow individual SNS accounts of the cast members, engaging in interactions with each other.

The existence of these fan communities demonstrates the passionate support for “God Tongue Bilibili.” Chinese youth can explore Japanese culture and make new discoveries through this show.

Future Outlook for God Tongue Bilibili

“God Tongue Bilibili” is expected to play a role in promoting cultural exchange between Japan and China. Japan and China have deep cultural and historical connections, and through interactions between young people in both countries, they can build better relationships.

In the future, we can anticipate the development of new and unique content that differs from the Japanese version. Additionally, more Chinese youth expressing interest in Japanese culture and increasing travel and study abroad experiences in Japan are also expected.

As a program that acts as a bridge for young people from Japan and China to connect, “God Tongue Bilibili” will continue to be a show that garners attention. Let’s keep an eye on its future endeavors.

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