By | September 27, 2023
水曜日 の ダウンタウン デイリー モーション

Are you a fan of Wednesday nights? If so, you’re probably familiar with the popular Japanese variety show, “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion.” Hosted by the hilarious comedy duo Downtown, consisting of Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi, this program never fails to entertain its wide range of viewers.

The Concept and Target Audience

The show’s concept is simple: “do funny things.” As a result, it offers a wide variety of segments and never fails to keep viewers entertained. With its appeal reaching across different generations, it particularly resonates with the younger audience.

Popular Segments of “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion”


“Baka Dono-sama,” “Annyeong-hashimnika,” and “Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!”

Among the show’s numerous popular segments, let’s introduce some of the most loved ones.

“Baka Dono-sama”

“Baka Dono-sama” is a comedy skit segment that revolves around historical figures. Matsumoto and Hamada play the role of history teachers, educating their fellow comedians, who are not well-versed in history, and delivering non-stop laughter.


“Annyeong-hashimnika” is a segment where Matsumoto and Hamada explore Korean culture. They introduce the Korean language, cuisine, and various aspects of the country’s culture while taking on challenges with their fellow comedians.

“Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!”

“Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!” takes viewers on a journey around the world, reporting on various events and experiences. The cast members travel abroad, immersing themselves in different cultures and customs, delivering entertaining and informative reports.

The Unique Features and Popularity of Each Segment

What makes these segments so popular are their unique characteristics. For instance, “Baka Dono-sama” offers a hilarious situation where comedians learn about history, connecting with well-known historical figures that most people are familiar with.

“Annyeong-hashimnika” is a program that feels close to home for those interested in Korean culture. Matsumoto and Hamada’s efforts to learn the Korean language and cuisine resonate with viewers, leading to its popularity.

For those with a fascination for the world beyond Japan, “Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!” is a must-watch segment. The hosts’ encounters with various cultures and customs, as well as their humorous interactions, captivate viewers.

The Cast of “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion”


Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi, the well-known comedy duo Downtown, are the hosts of “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion.” With their long-standing partnership, they have become a prominent presence in the Japanese variety show scene.

Matsumoto, born in 1963, is 57 years old and hails from Kanagawa Prefecture. He stands at 173cm tall. On the other hand, Hamada, born in 1969, is 51 years old and comes from Hyogo Prefecture. He also stands at 173cm tall. The duo formed the group Downtown in 1991 and has been active ever since.

Aside from the hosts, the show features regular and guest cast members. Regulars include comedy duo Ushiro City and actress Yoshida Yo, while guests range from artists and actors to sports personalities. With each unique segment, the cast members bring laughter and touch the hearts of the viewers.

The Influence of “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion”

Impact on the Japanese Television Industry

The influence of “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion” on the Japanese television industry is immeasurable. With Matsumoto and Hamada as hosts, the show presents an innovative mix of talk and exciting segments. Its fresh content and unique production style have brought a breath of fresh air to the Japanese TV industry.

The Phenomenal Popularity of the Show

“Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion” is a massively popular show loved by many. Its popularity has spread not only within Japan but also worldwide. The show’s concepts and cast members have become a social phenomenon, influencing viewers across various aspects of society and culture. Its impact extends beyond just the television industry, making it a significant cultural milestone.

The International Success of “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion”

Broadcasting the Show Overseas

It’s worth mentioning that “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion” is not only broadcasted in Japan but also overseas. It has gained the love and support of fans in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and certain regions of Asia. Due to its international appeal, the program is often broadcasted in the original Japanese language with subtitles.

International Popularity and Influence

The show’s popularity abroad matches its success in Japan. Particularly, it has captured the interest of those fascinated by Japanese culture. Furthermore, “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion” has had a significant impact on variety shows worldwide, showcasing the talent of Japanese comedians and introducing various aspects of Japanese culture and customs to a global audience.

The Future of “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion”

“Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion” has garnered a massive fan base over the years, making it an exceptional variety show in Japan. So, what does the future hold for this beloved program?

The production team continues to focus on creating segments that cater to viewers’ preferences. They actively embrace new media platforms such as the internet and social media, expanding their reach to a more youthful audience. This concerted effort has gradually expanded the show’s popularity.

In addition, the cast members themselves are constantly proposing new segments that showcase their individual uniqueness, further enhancing the show’s variety. Consequently, viewers can look forward to more diverse and exciting content in the future.

In conclusion, “Wednesday Downtown Daily Motion” will continue to be a beloved variety show, captivating an even larger audience. Let’s keep our eyes on its future and enjoy the delightful entertainment it brings. Visit Show Biz News for more exciting updates!